2. Choose what type of digital certificate you need

Select the type of digital certificate that best suits your needs. Expand each of the options and read its characteristics. You can also get more information on the links

The digital Certificate of Natural Person for Tax Procedures is the electronic certification issued by the DGII Registration Authority that links its subscriber with Signature verification data and confirms their identity.

This certificate, also known as a Citizen or User Certificate, is a digital document that contains your identifying data. It will allow you to identify yourself on the Internet and exchange information with other people and organizations with the guarantee that only you and your interlocutor can access it.
The use, with full legal guarantees, of the electronic certificates by the Companies begins by signing a contract between the Company and the Registration Authority. The necessary contractual relationship between both entities is thus established so that the use of the electronic certificate is endorsed by the applicable legal framework.

This certificate links to its subscriber (taxable person), some signature verification data and confirms their identity. The subscriber of the same will be a legal person, understood as the group of people grouped together that constitutes a unit with its own purpose, which acquires, as an entity, legal capacity and to act different from that of the members that compose it.

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