Welcome to: Banreservas

From this screen you can carry out all the procedures:

  •     Request certificate. You can request digital certificates both in software format (installable on any computer) and in hardware format where you will obtain the maximum security for your certificate
  •     Renew certificate. Renew your certificate if it is about to expire
  •     Revoke certificate. Revoke your certificate if you no longer need it or have misplaced it.
  •     Check application status. Follow the status of your application step by step.
  •     Check issued certificates. Consult the certificates requested from our Registration Authority.
* Remember that it will only be possible to have a certificate of the same profile.

Through this option you can access the request for your new digital certificate

With this option you can request the renewal of any of your certificates that are about to expire.

With this option you can request the revocation of your certificate (for reasons of loss, theft, suspicion of copy of private key, etc.)

Check request

The digital certificates issued are for public use. If you want to search for a specific user's certificate, you can use the following search engine.